For Sale - 1970 Mini

The Mini below has been 100 percent restored to Cooper S specifications and only 500 kilometers are on the clock since the rebuild. This Mini is for sale as I have lost interest in the project and I am now pursuing other hobbies.

Features include: Complete engine rebuild 1293cc; Kent 266 drilled cam; stage 2 head and valves with new cam followers; roller rockers; new high pressure oil pump; new water pump; standard crankshaft journals; new pistons and rings (one oversize); all components were balanced; new engine mounts; Cooper S header; new single 1.75" SU; all clutch items are new; new fuel pump; and high preformance drive shafts.

Rebuild gear box; aluminium radiator; new floor mats; new grille; new sports bucket seats; new sport three point harness; Minilites with new tires; new master cylinders for clutch and brakes; new disc brakes and calipers; new slave cylinders and brakes shoes for the rear; new instrument cluster; rod type gear shift; 13" steering wheel; 1.5 degree negative camber front suspension; new flexible brake hoses; new big bore exhaust with stainless muffler;and new front shocks

Other items included but not installed: New set of rubber suspension cones/balls; new set of "hi-lows"; new Lucas alternator; new Lucas starter motor; spare windshield; new set of rear shocks; spare Kent 266 camshaft.

As with any project there are small items that still require attention. These will be pointed out at the time of viewing.

Sale price: firm $8500 The car is currently in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.