SBCC 2001 Events

Saskatoon Sports Car Club Slalom

September 23rd

Rob Svoboda takes to the cones

Bob Seaborn in the start box

The gang at SSCC invited us out to join them at their wrap up fun slalom for the year. Four club members were brave enough to take on the hoards of VWs, vettes, hondas and open wheelers. Rob Svoboda (TR6, Bob Seaborn (TR6), Steve Molinelli (TR7) and Gord Leach (Super 7). were there to uphold the honours or at least have fun trying.

August 26th

A whole block of British cars amid a sea of hot rods and classics. The annual biggest car show in the province was again hugely successful, with great weather and massive crowds. Congrats to Bart Hall who took Best Import of the show with his '73 E-type.
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Bus Stop Show & Shine

July 14th

Hot, sunny, tons of people. Closed the street, planted the Union Jack in the center of the block and enjoyed the day. Click on the image for more for pictures.

Flatlands Rally

June 24th

Winning team of Bob & Robin Seaborn bound for the start line

A tale of rain, unexpected suprises (for both organizers and participants) and good results. Click on the picture for the full story.

Father's Day Show & Shine

June 17th

Another event that started off with ominously cloudy skys and showers but turned bright and sunny by noon. Click on the image for more for pictures.

Carb Tech

June 9th

How many peole can you stuff under the hood of an MGB?

Quite a few if there's something interesting to learn about S.U.s and Zenith Strombergs. Bob Forward showed us that cleanliness is next to godliness when dealing with finicky English carbs. Members cars provided a variety of interesting examples of what can go wrong: stretched dashpot springs, leaky floats, misaligned jets, ... The enlightened departed with new confidence in tackling another part of LBC maintainance.

Gosvener Park Show & Shine

May 26th

First major event of the season. Lots of cars out. The day started with a few showers but before noon the clouds were replaced by sunny skies

Click here for pictures of the show line

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