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Clinic 2016 -Get Ready for Spring
Photos by John Pharr, and Text by Bob Forward, Bob Burnyeat and John Pharr
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Our first event of the driving season was held on Sunday May 8th at the Ens Lexus location on Brand Court.

This event, known as Get Ready for Spring clinic, has always been well attended. The 2016 version was even busier than usual with cars were arriving well before 10:30AM. There were plenty of carb and ignition issues to work through. Vehicles present included a Daimler V8, a Nash Metropolitan, a Stag, a few TR6s, and MGB examples, and two Jaguars. New members Moira and Mike Crabtree had their Midget out for a visit, and several other members were there just to kibitz and give their cars an outing.

Many members visited and shared stories the winter and left with cars that were performing well. The day ended with a nice lunch and a few cold ones at a local pub.

Bob Burnyeat (Jag XKE V-12) commented: "Bob was like a machine (with a human touch and ear) as he ploughed through our cars tuning and advising. In my case it took him less time to tune those four carbs than it did for me to take the air cleaners off!"

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