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2017 SBCC Get Ready for Spring Clinic- ENS Lexus May 7th
Text by Bob Forward and Photos by Bill Rafoss, Slide show with 9 pictures

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This event as usual was well attended with many members coming down just to visit friends. It was a nice sunny day which started with a quick look at Chicos TR7, he is having some oil and tach guage issues, we came up with a plan. Brevs TR6 is still running rough so we started with a compression check, all good, identified a vacuum leak and also did a small carb adjustment. Jeff's MGB was looking good and running well, only needed a vacuum advance unit. Daves MGB is also looking good, and needed a small carb setting. Roger had two carb unisyns with him, neither worked due to poor manufacturing. Morris had his MGA in for a valve adjustment, and no major issues!

Many other members were on hand for the event, NIgel and Cass came by for a drive and a visit, Terry, Rob, and Rick all showed up with nice, looking well running cars.Doug was out in his Lotus and Bob drove his TR6 but had questions about his MGA. Alan and Tom arrived to visit, it was great to see Tom out again while Howard and Bob drove from Lashburn to pick up some Morris Minor parts. Bart stopped in with a box of TR7 head light motors for anyone who required one. Most of us found a good spot for lunch. Bob Forward

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