BRITS by the BUS - July 22, 2007
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Every British Car Show has a gaggle of MGB's, here are a few SBCC members B's enjoying the shade; John Pharr putting a few finishing touches to his '60 Morgan; some more MG's with a TR6 settled in between them; rounding out this set of four photos is the stunning TVR of Tom Beatty.




Dick Noordman's XJ6 convertible awaiting some minor polishing while Tony Hill is completing the engine compartment detailing on his Mini Cooper S. Next photos include the 1989 Morgan 4/4 of Ed Driver and Elmer Ballard's 1961 Triumph Herald convertible; the last in this set is Ken Roach's beautifully restored 1974 MGB with two young admirers and mom also looking on




Triumphs primarily - SBCC president Bob Forward's TR8; next the 1963 MGB of Kelly and Len Bykowy and Bob Seaborn's 1969 TR6; Rick is very diligently removing the insect fanua on his '76 TR6 collected on his drive in from the farm; and the Alan Wilson TR6 with the Union Jack and all!




Interesting cross section of Club vehicles- Barry's '71 Midget and Bart's '85 TVR; 1948 MG-TC of Bill Ryan; Bob Forward and his charming '52 Morris Minor and Tony Hill's 1948 Morris Commerical.




Out of town visitors - From Lashburn Howard Parkyn with his TR6 and two friends from Llyodminister - green Spitefire and green MGB (rubber bumper); and the Jagnuts from Regina - Ian's E-type, Bob's XK-120 and Dan's MGB. Other Jagnuts included Mike, Tony, and Richard. And from Prince Albert, SBCC member Matthew Toon presented his Mini. In all there were 58 cars at Brits by the Bus -2007" a success even in the +30 degree temperatures! - EAD

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