2014 SARBI Drive Pike Lake

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2014 SARBI Drive to Pike Lake
Photos by David Oei and Text by Terry Yuzik

Back in July of 2014 we were contacted for the second year in a row to see if we could assemble a group of Little British Cars to provide an outing for some of the clients at SARBI. SARBI stands for "Saskatchewan Association for the Rehabilitation of the Brain Injured." They are a Not for Profit Group that provides rehabilitation and rereational services to brain injury survivors.

A call for volunteers was sent out in early August and a few members replied right away, I believe most were club members who did this drive last year. It took a few more mass e-mails but eventually we got enough cars to provide a good group experience. We picked up our passengers at the SARBI offices in Saskatoon and drove them out along the river using the Valley Road to Pike Lake Provincial Park for a little wiener roast!

We had a great time and soon by the campfire we were treated to numerous stories by our guests, a couple had us in stitches with their observational humour. It did not take long to become friends with there folks, they were of all ages from all walks of life, sort of like the members of our Car Club

I would like to thank all of the members who came out and spent some of their weekend, and a special thanks to David Oei for providing us with the photos. I would urge all members who can take time this coming year to participate in this small event which means so much to our passengers for SARBI. by Terry Yuzik

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