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Wings and Wheels Fly-IN, Marcelin 2012
Photos by Marc DeGirolamo.

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The "Wings and Wheels Fly-IN" is organized by Marc DeGeriolamo, a member of the Saskatoon Fire Department and amateur flying enthusiast. For the past 10 years Marc successfully staged the annual " Burgers, Beans 'n' Fly 'n' Machines " hosted on a farm just east of Marcelin, Saskatchewan. This year Doug Tomilson (a friend of Marc's, a pilot and SBCC member) requested that Marc consider asking SBCC members to join in. This event has raised monies for MS and the last several years for Breast Cancer. This year 13 aircraft, two car, and 43 people participated with over $700 raised for the Breast Cancer program of Cancer Society of Canada. Unfortunately only one member of SBCC made the event. As a British Car Club we should maintain and foster the tradition of "wings and wheels", check out the following examples Wickenby Aerodrome and The Uk Wings and Wheels. Also we as a club to expand our support to those in need. Ed Driver and Bob Forward