Morgan 4/4


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Bob's 1969 TR6.
Don's 1975 Triumph TR6 graces the corner of 290 Avenue West and 3rd Sreet North somewhere.
A very sharp 1978 MGB owned by Ron.
If there was ever a double pheonix it is Nigel's TR3. Well on the way to being finished just over a year ago, then some teenagers torched a car next to Nigel's garage. The 1957 TR3 has again arisen from the ashes, hopefully it will be on the road next spring.
Barb's 1960 Alpine.
A very classy 1959 Hillman Minx convertible driven by Kevan
SBCC second project vehicle a 1960 Bedford Van
Don's '52 'TD.
William's 1997 Lotus Elise
Wayne G's 1975 MGB
Mark's 1989 Jaguar XJS

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