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Book Reviews

by Rick Astley, The Essential Manual Series;
Veloce Publishing, Dorchester, England, 192pp. ISBN 1-84584-057-7

Reviewed by Ken Roach

Here we have a very detailed book, covering the complete electrical system in an MGB. It covers not only the various wiring circuits but also the components they connect.

The author does a laudable job of explaining the basics of auto electronics without being too dry; and takes the reader right through the circuits explaining the principles as well as providing important troubleshooting information. The illustrations are particularly good, with full colour wiring diagrams (with the wire's actual colours) and broken down into their respective circuits. Anyone who has stared at the factory original diagrams will appreciate how much easier these are to follow. There is also usefull information about refurbishing and repairing the electrical ancillaries such as starters and alternators.

For those troubleshooting the sometimes bizarre problems these cars can develop, this book can be an invaluable guide, it provies answers to some very unique MGB problems. My only concern is the cost which is rather high for a soft covered book ($54.95 US from; but also understandable considering the narrow market and the generous amount of information.

The chapter titles in this book are:Tools, Wire handling & connectors; Basic electrical theory; Emergency repairs; Sneak currents; Wire hardness; Fusing & fuses; Battery; Charging system; Starting system; Ignition system; Lighting; Instrumentation; Fuel pump; Horn; and Coolling & heating fans.

(Note: This book is available through at $43.41 Canadian which if you have an account rates free shipping as the book costs more than $39).

Flywheel:Memories of the Open Road
by Tom Swallow and Arthur Pill;
Webb & Bower, Exeter, England, 239pp. ISBN 0-86350-151-6

Quotes from the book's dust cover:

Flywheel is a facsimile reproduction of a unique collection of Motoring Magazines produced during World War II in a Prisoner of War Camp in Mulhberg, Germany (Stalag IVB, 1944-1945). Each edition was drawn and scripted by hand and circulated around the camp for members to read and pass on. The first being produced in May 1944 and the last in March 1945.

Flywheel depicts a nostalgic look at a former life away from war and prison camps as seen by the magazine's "staff"- describing motoring adventures before the war, road tests of motor cars and motorcycles, features on the quest for the "Ideal Motor Car", a speculative edition featuring the 1944 Motor Show, motoring advertisements, editorial comments, and even a letter page. The illustrations and text were produced largely from memory using whatever raw materials the "staff" could lay their hands on, employing considerable ingenuity in the face of adversity.

Flywheel is a selection of the best of the original magazines and is filled with humour, compassion, enthusiasm and authority. The drawings and sketches are both graphic and realistic, the text full of wit and highly credible. These combine to evoke the courage of ordinary men, in spite of extremely harsh living conditions, created a warm and refreshing collection of magazines.

Copies of this extraordinary book can be obtained through from a variety of used book sellers. Click on Flywheel to see an image of several pages.