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Morgan at Le Mans
by David Dowse
Tempus Publishing Limited,
Stroud, Gloucestershire, England,
191pp. ISBN 0 7524 3488 8
SCX GT Series,
Aero 8 Le Mans 2004
Tecnitoys, Barcelona, Spain

In the Introduction to this book, David Dowse states "This is not a story about cars or motor racing. It is a story about passionate human endeavour

At four in the afternoon on Sunday 13 June 2004, a Morgan Aero 8 crossed the finishing line at Le Mans 24 Hour race. It was the first car from the famous British independent marque to do so for forty-two years."

Christopher Lawrence, the current Chief Development Engineer at Morgan, drove TOK258, a two liter four cylinder Morgan Plus 4, to a class win at Le Mans in 1962. He and Charles Morgan were responsible for the design and development of the Aero 8; and played a role in the early racing effort of this model in the GT class.

David Dowse who served as Team Manager for the effort at Le Mans describes the early start of the team and it's attempt at the 2002 Le Mans race. In the second part of the book Dowse details the efforts to obtain more sponsorship; and the process of dealing with FIA requirement and Le Mans requirements as related to homologation. Details are provided on the improvements made to the car before and after the 24 hour race at Spa as an ongoing effort towards the goal the Le Mans 24 hour race.This was followed up by additional testing using the Sebring 12 hour event in 2004. In all Dowse provides an excellent journal of what it takes, especially of a very small team, to compete at one of the greatest 24 hour races, Le Mans. This is an excellent read for ex-racers, would be racers and racing fans.

The SCX 1/32nd scale Morgan Aero 8 Le Mans GT car. For a slot car the detail on this model is outstanding - the decals are unbelieveable, especially when you compare them to the photos that Dowse included in his book. As one of the lads on the UK Morgan e-mail list stated the only thing missing were the 80 odd names of the individuals who contributed finanically to the team. These appeared on the boot lid of the Areo 8.