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The Club decided to find and to restore a British van. It would serve as a restoration project and would allow us to transport Club material to various shows and displays. A Bedford was purchased from a gentleman in Humbolt. Bob, Bill and others hopped in Bob's Toyota half-ton with trailer and trundled off to Humbolt to pick up the van in late November 2002. The van had the typical shortcoming of a forty year ago British vehicle: attention to transmission, engine, body panels and especially windows, window rubbers and alike!

In January 2004 an inspection identifed some additional items: hydraulic brake seals were needed; body and chassis had minimal rust except with the rear wells; drive shaft need some overhauling; suspension was in good condition except for a bent tie rod; and the intake manifold and carburrettor needed attention.




February 2004, the 28th, Rob with a reconditioned manifold and Bob having rebuilt the "might one barrel Solex" assembled these components. Ron and John repaired the brakes, a missing rear brake bleed was supplied by Rob. Coolant was added, no leaks; so we cranked the big Bedford over within 5 seconds she started and ran nicely.

A new set of tires were added to fleshly painted rims; we're waiting the drive shaft yoke which is being rebuilt; once installed and the weather improves a road test is in order.

After a successful spring road test the van was used to transport club items to Club events from May through early September 2004. Late September 2004 the van is delivered to True Colours Autobody where thanks to Dave Williams, owner, the phoenix process is to begin!

From September 25 through to October 30, 2004 members removed doors; sanded doors and various body panels;welded new inner fender wells and repaired roof braces: crews include Dick, Ernie, Terry, Scott, Janice,Willie, Paul, Bob and others!



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