1960 Bedford Van Project - Page Two
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Late October 2004- After some additional sanding, several layers undercoat and a guide layer- Janice, Cam and Dave with fine sandpaper take the primed surface to a flat finish. British Racing Green was applied to some panels appropriately masked off while white was sprayed to the roof as the base colour - later the Union Jack will be painted here! Then the van was off to storage until Spring 2005.



Spring 2005 sees renewed activity on the van! Terry finishes trimming up the panel to replace the right rear wheel arch and welds it in place. Michael and Cam strip off the lower panel paint. Rob and Paul begin to straighten the nose panel while Morris takes on the front fenders. Dick reassembles the side doors later has them in place. The next session Rob has the nose bracing in place while Cam has a go at finishing the nose panel with hammer and dolly after Terry had welded a patch to this piece.



Summer 2006 - rear door windows and front windscreen were installed. The seats newly refurbished added to the pleasure in driving the van to events such as the Brits by the Bus our annual Bus Stop Show, pictured here. There is still work to be completed on the interior and the completion of painting the van.


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