Second MGB Restoration Project
Photos by Don Lumley and Bill Rafoss and Text by Don Lumley
The current slide show is comprised of 24 photos
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Our newest club project was purchased in the spring of 2012 and it was delivered to Don Lumley's shop in early summer. An initial assessment of needed repairs took place in late September.

Work began December 8th with a work party 12 volunteers who began the disassembly of the project car; and the removal of usable pieces/parts from a doner car. This work proceeded at a rapid pace as many hands participated. During this stage more discoveries were made thus our list of repairs increased over the original assessment. We found some repairs were of poor quality while some of the body repair hid better bodywork. In addition with the removal of more body parts we found other impact damage which added to further repairs we need to make.

The volunteers have been working weekends with six individuals making up the average work party. We have managed to incorporate some training, and several people have learned how to prepare and install cockpit flooring using patterns, cutting sheet metal and a Mig welder to tack the floor panel in place. Work is progressing on the driver side rocker panel with new parts welded into place. Don Lumley