TR7 - TR8 Conversion Project 2010
Photos by Bob Forward, John Pharr and Scott McGibney

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The Triumph TR7/8 project is proceeding after a eight month break. It is to be completed using a different body. In the fall of 2009 I purchased a fairly good TR7 convertible. The engine and transmission were fine but required a serious rebuild; the body, paint, and interior of this purchase were quite good. The club's " restoration group" decided to finish thel TR7/8 conversion project with this car.

January 2, 2010 our work crew gathered in Bob Forward's garage to remove the ailing TR7 engine and transmission. The engine compartment was cleaned, and was ready for the installation of the V8 engine and transmission.

January 10, 2010 A slightly larger work crew gathered at Ens Toyota to remove the V8 power train from the original TR7 convertible that we were using for the conversion. Many hands made for light work, the job was completed in about two hours, and the parts were delivered to my garage.

January 16, 2010 The work crew again garthered at the Bob Forward garage to install the engine into what "we hope is its final body!" The engine was originally in a SD1 Rover that was partially destroyed by fire. We removed it, test fitted the drive train into the "original" convertible, and now it resides in the third body. Our work crew grew to 11 as one SBCC member who lives in Regina drove up to join in the festivities. Again the many hands make light work - the engine was quickly installed along with the suspension and drive shaft. All the items fitted well and look good. The next session will include modifying the wiring for an alternator, starter and ignition. We will aslo install an electric fuel pump and configure the hoses and radiator mounts.

July 7 2010 The TR7/8 project is proceeding we are sorting out some electrical bugs with the help of Roger Siemens. The fuel pump has been a problem it seems to fail lots so we are relocating it. Some members have donated time to work on the front suspension and the brakes which are both working well now. The project car is stilla work in process but it should be done by the end of August. There are always issues that show up on a car that was not driven for at least eight years.
Update by Bob Forward, July 13 2010