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Road Trip to Edmonton and to the Reynolds Museum at Wetaskawin

Photos and text by Bob Forward
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A very good trip to Edmonton. We met at Sask Place noon Friday to team up with the Jagnuts (Regina) and there were lots a Jaguars in the parking lot. After a quick lunch it was off to North Battleford, a refueling stop, a minor problem with Phil's E-type, solved and off to Lloydminister. We met Howard in Llyod and headed to Ron Walsh's house for a BBQ and some cold ones. Ron and Ian joined us ; and so off to Edmonton under very black skies! With hoods installed quickly due to rain we reached the Loins Head Pub by 9:00 PM.

Saturday morning started out sunny so down to the park after trip to the car wash. Picnic in the Park went well, lots of different cars, and a great gaggle of Minis. We finished the day on Whyte Avenue and dodged a few rain showers!

Sunday started out cold and wet so we pressed on to the History Road Show at the Reynolds Museum in Wetaskawin. The rain really came down pushed by winds. The turn out was poor as many were detered by the rain. Our group had the most cars; and I highly recommend the Museum!

The trip home to Saskatoon was trouble free but lots of wind and rain! Thanks to all, especially new friends, and thanks for all your efforts it was great - Bob Forward

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