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One Day Tour of Saskatchewan -Northern Forest Edge, May 26, 2018
First SBCC Event for British Car Week

Photos by Bob Forward and Mike Titus
and Text by Bob Forward
Slide show with 12 pictures

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British Car Week- First Event-- 9:00AM we gathered at the Saskatoon Field House parking lot for the start of this tour. Tanya and Brian with the Stag, Tony and Ruth Hill with a MGB, Wendy and Dave also with a MGB, were joined by Rejean with his MGB and Roger with his MGB. Lots of B's and spare parts Mike Titus and me with our Triumphs and Ron with his Jaguar. We headed out on Hyw 41 past many dry, dusty fields towards Wakaw and Melfort.

Matthew joined us at Melfort in his Midget, we were visited in a parking lot by Llyod Muntain, we were invited to attend a car show on the main street of Melfort on June 15th. We headed north on Hyw 6, and my sister-in-law became official photographer getting some action shots as we passed, our destination was the Bears Den in Gronlid. Here we put on a quick car show, then enjoyed a great lunch and met some very nice folks.

Next stop was to be Nipawin but fate would not let this happen Ruth and Tony's MGB acted up, and it took some time to resolve an issue with the points in the Hill's MGB. We changed the route heading off on Hyw 6 to the Wapiti Ski Hill, a quick stop and then off again to Choiceland and on to Prince Albert, the fields loaded with water so the northeast appears to have plenty of moisture. At Prince Albert Matthew bid us a goodbye, many of us fueled up in P.A. before heading on to Shellbrook. Between P.A. and Shellbrook we were greeted by showers and forest fire smoke. Regean's B started dumping excess fuel while Ruth and Tony's B needed a minor adjustment to fix a sticking idle.

Of again towards Shellbrook and Shell Lake, still with tops down, but shortly large black clouds just ahead, then it really poured big time! True prairies, late spring, to have rain storm! Some of our group stopped, getting wetter as they put up their tops. Three of us drove very fast to Shellbrook where I noticed a local carwash with the door open so we three entered and put up our tops.

Once the group was back together I shared the bad news regarding suppe. We had planned supper at the Black Top Cafe, but due to an issue at the cafe they had to cancel our reservation. We decided to shorten the trip, dropped Shell Lake, and headed to the Black Top Cafe for a photo shoot; and for consideration of another location for supper. At Petrofka Bridge Roger's 41 yeat old fuel pump in his B died. Luck was with us, we had enough fuel hose and a pump to effect a repair. Enough fun for the day so on to Saskatoon for supper.

It was a typical Saskatchewan day, hot, dry, rainy, smokey weather, loads of great people, many nice roads, a few bugs and insects, car poroblems, some road construction and dust!! We travelled close to 600km, enough for the day! Hats off to Ruth and Tony as they drove an extra 4 hours to spend the day with us. Thanks to all who joined in the fun!

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