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Picnic at Valley Regional Park, Rosthern
British Car Week 2015

Photos by Matthew Toon and text by Bob Forward
14 photos in the slide show which show

Our British Car Week activities started out on a cool Sunday morning at 10:30AM as we gathered at the Lawson Heights Shopping Mall parking lot. Departure was 10:55 and we headed north from Saskatoon towards Rosthern, I in my TR8, Morris piloting his MGA, Terry and Susan in the MGB, Tanya and Brian in their Stag; and Mike and Charlie in the TVR. As we approached Osler Rick was waiting in his TR6 to join our convoy. We proceed north and at Rosthern were joined by Rob and Barb for the mile left to the Regional Park. We reached the Valley Regional Park at 11:45 with all cars intact! The winds had directed some of the cars to unplanned parts of the highway, but no problems. We were joined by Matthew, his son and girl friend who had driven down from Prince Albert, they regaled us with stories about battling the strong winds. Matthew was driving a MBC GT and his son and girl friend in a MG Midget. Lunch was enjoyed, stories were exchanged and after several hours we headed off home. The trip south was a windy affair, with much fuel burnt off, yet it was a great day! Bob Forward