Dave Loken's 64 MGB Engine Assembly - Page One
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The first work session on David Loken's MGB engine rebuild did not go as well as it could have. Dave did a great job of cleaning and painting the components. The machine work looked fine so we started the assembly process

First the main bearings were installed and the clearance was checked with "Plasticgauge". A two thousand clearance was measured which is an excellent clearance for main bearings. The main bearing caps were torqued up at 70 ft.lbs.; the crankshaft spun nicely after this process. Great!




Next up were the pistons! New rings were installed along with the big end bearings. I then installed the pistons into the block. The middle two pistons were installed last. The connecting rods of these missed the crankshaft while talking I did not fully focus on the piston travel down the cylinder bore. These pistons travelled sufficiently to allow the fifth ring (and lowest ring) to pass beyond the bottom of the bore -oop's. I was able to compress one ring on one of the pistons and ease it back into the bore while unfortunately breaking the ring on the other exposed piston.



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