Dave Loken's 64 MGB Engine Assembly-Page Two
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Moving on to the camshaft, after using cam lube to ensure easy installation and protection of the cambearing at start-up we soon found out that the new bearings which were installed at the machine shop needed to be honed out, particularily the one at the front of the block. When Dave took the block to the shop he did not take the camshaft, therefore, the normal honing or line boring was not done.



Next came the cylinder head, the valves and seats were good, and the valves seated well with a lttle hand lapping - the bronze guides were a little tight so they need to be honed. Some additional notes from Roger Siemens (center photo) a perfectly seated valve compared to a new valve - the grey area one one is seated after lapping, the shinny one is a valve prior to lapping.


Part two of Dave Loken's engine rebuild was a little more successful. The evening started out with me making the same mistake which was installing a piston too low in the cylinder allowing the lower oil ring to pop out. After this was fixed the rest of the evening session went well.
The camshaft went in and turned nicely. Next the front mounting plate, timing chain and timing chain tensioner were attached, and the timing chain cover bolted into place. There was a very lively discussion about the role of the timing chain tensioner.
At home I has honed the bronze valve guides so the cylinder was ready to be installed. The head was installed along with new tappets and a rocket shaft. The head bolts and connecting rod bolts were torqued. The crankshaft still turned nicely. A rebuilt oil pump with strainer and the oil pan went on with no problems!
All the parts had been cleaned and those needing paint were nicely painted this made the assembly a pleasure; and rebuild concluded with some nice beverages and good discussion! Dave, it was great to have a nice warm shop to finish the project on a rather cool Saskatchewan winter night of -28C! Bob Foward instructor.



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