Maurice Drouin's 1972 MGB Engine Overhaul
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At the first session on Maurice's MGB we determined the status of the previous engine repair.The cylinder was removed and we found that there was too much piston clearance at the top of the bore. The work party swiftly removed the engine which permitted us to completely strip it. Maurrice had a concerned look on his face. On stripping the engine we found that the cylinder bore very badly tappered. This was the result of the previous repair shop removing a large ring ridge rather than reboring each cylinder.The crank and bearings were also worn. So block, crankshaft, con rods, and tappets were taken to a machice shop for repair.

In the second session we re-assembled the engine after it had been cleaned and machined. It went back together very well. A new clutch kit was added. We were adready for the engine install!




The engine install in the third session was prefaced by Maurice's concern, he wondered if the pile of clean parts had been transformed into an engine, I assured him that the engine would run again at todays workshop. The rebuilt MGB engine was returned to its engine bay and was all hooked up within three hours. On the second attempt the engine started and run well. A small oil leak was repaired. Maurice was a happy man once again!

Much was learned about cleaniless when building an engine and the use of the correct tools to measure wear. The previous work had been done incorrectly as identified by scored bearings and crankshaft. The cylinder tapper was beyond repair, although the cam was new worn tappets were used; and the oil pump was badly scored - these are examples of work done in a hurry and without care. by Bob Forward, workshop leader.


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