Suspension - Len and Kelly's 63 MGB
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With Bob Forward in the lead supported by Len, Brev Chesky, Scott Papilion, Larry Chapman and Rob Derrick work on the front suspension began in ernst about 7:30 P.M. First the lads tackled the lower A-arms. Bob showed all an alternate technique for removing the lower A-arm by placing the floor jack beneath the A-arm pan which can support the A-arm spring pan. Next the four bolts are removed which hold the pan in place on the A-arm. Then lowering the A-arm to replace the rubber bushes. After each side was completed it was time to remove the steering rack. This was not as straight forward as was thought. Again Bob demonstrated a simple technique for seperating the tie-rod end from the steering lever - a quick, well place blow with a hammer rather than using a pickle fork! One bolt on a portion of the rack and the drain spiggot on the rad would not allow for the rack's easy removal. Therefore, the rad was drained and removed. The steering shaft retaining bolt removed, and finally the rack.

The work force was supported by a cast of "thousands" of enthusiast's - I had the feeling that all wanted to be in their LBC's and on the road! Our gracious hosts, Kelly and Len, provided an excellent supply of various brands of lubricant which was augmented by chips and dip!

The rear springs and supports were left for the next session to be held on the evening of April 10th.




Part Two of the suspension workshop went well, a few members who had not been present for the first session arrived and began helping with the rear springs while some of the earlier participants returned, keen to see the completion of the suspension project. The rear springs were removed with a minium of skinned knuckles and the use of modified english! Len had supplied new bolts, shackles and nice new red poly bushings. The new springs went back into the car very nicely with some help from the use of a floor jack. All the suspension bolys were left loose until the car was sitting at its normal ride height, and then they are torqued up. This task is made possible by installinng all the wheels, then sitting the car on wheel ramps which allowed us to crawl under the car abd to re-torque all the bolts front and rear.

The front toe in was then set by using a measuring tape, setting the toe-in at approximately 1/16". A full alignment will be done once the car is removed from it's winter home. One again Kelly and Len had a good supply of refreshments and snacks - we all enjoyed sitting back and admired our handiwork. Thanks to all who came out and enjoyed the suspensions sessions! Bob Forward


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