Page Two - Engine Rebuild - Len and Kelly's 63 MGB

by Bob Forward

The engine rebuild continues

Recently a few SBCC members and I got back to working on the MGB engine. The block had been acid washed/dipped it was very clean and ready to go. The crankshaft was dusted off and installed with new main bearings and thrust washers, we checked the bearing clearance with a plastic gauge. They were all good. The big end bearings size was wrong, the cranshaft big end journals were stamped 010 on one side and 020 on the other side. The main bearing were stamped 020 -very confusing! The previous repairers had not ground off the wrong information.

With the crankshaft spinning freely after installation, we installed the pistons with a five ring set rather than the three rings per piston that were installed previously!

The camshaft, timing chain and gears all went in well, the timing marks lined up, and this was a good to go situation. The cylinder head machine work was done very well by the machine shop; the valves were hand lapped to check the contact points,m all valves were excellent. The cylinder head assembly was completed and checked. Our evenings was capped with a few needed beverages and some lively discussion on a variety of topics.

The next session will complete the engine assembly and it should be then ready for installation

May 20th - Recently were were at Len and Kelly's to finish the engine assembly, all went well, the correct bearings worked out, the engine turned very nicely. Install the oil pan next good idea except for the fact that if one is not carefull installing the the distributor drive gear, it can fall into the oil pan. Well 15 minutes later as was well, the cylinder head was torqued down, the valves adjusted after using lots of camshaft lub; and it's all ready for paint! We hope to see the car out on the road soon!!

Update- May 19, 2009. THe engine start, after 18 months of cleaning, painting, and rebuilding the final test day had arrived. Len called me and asked if I would be available for the start up. He had an issue with gasoline coming out of the rear carb and a timing issue. After a few minor changes we cranked it over, and after a few turns it started, and ran well. The engine sounded great, so a quick timing and carb adjustment and the car is ready to go. SBCC originally did this car as a project (see past projects 1963 MGB pages) but Len and Kelly now have taken it to an all new level which include many updates and improvements. Thanks to all those who helped. Bob Forward

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